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Success and Me: A Game of Self Discovery

“When you don’t know where you’re going, all roads will take you there.” Having a clear vision of your destination focuses your journey. It provides the basis for making choices, learning from actions, and allocating resources.

  • A facilitated group process for creating personal success vision statements;
  • combines quiet self-reflection and supportive, playful group interaction;
  • is played in person or via the telephone;
  • provides follow-on guidance for integrating vision into personal and professional life.
Success And Me game can be played by individuals or small groups Register Now for Success And Me Game!
Success and Me Game is a self discovery game to create personal or professional success vision statements

The Success Game will:

Lead you to discover your deeply held beliefs and assumptions about success

Guide you in creating your uniquely personal success vision

Challenge you to reach your highest level of excellence

The Success Game will:

Provide an attractive and unique income stream, a lead-in to other services

Create a pool of motivated, focused clients-in-waiting

Build an in-depth foundation for launching any change process

The Success Game will:

Strengthen motivation and performance by identifying personal goals

Align personal and company objectives and values

Engage the entrepreneurial mindset for career self-management